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Elainea Emmott

Elainea, is a chef, food writer and photographer. Scouted by the Heston Blumenthal team, she cooked on his Netflix show ‘Crazy Delicious’ and wowed the judges with her self-taught, inventive skills at the age 50.

With a nod to her Caribbean Heritage, her philosophy is to always be creative and produce exceptionally good food using staple ingredients elevated to luxury with a bit of flair thrown in. Her writing and recipes are coveted by editorial magazines such as Delicious Magazine and BBC Good Food for which she regularly features. She celebrates her recipes and larger than life personality through her private dining, cookery workshops and supper clubs.

“I love being inventive with two or three ingredients used in a completely different way to create food on a budget, everyday meals or fine dining; food is my passion and a way to bring people together.”

Elainea is also a renowned Protest and Portrait Photographer specialising in documenting women’s rights as official photographer for Women’s March London, UKBlack Pride, Million Women Rise working with grassroots organisations supporting women and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. Her iconic photography is seen in worldwide touring exhibitions and books by Conde Nast.